A Note From Darnyelle: The Breakthrough in Business Retreat LIVE Experience is our exclusive event to help you make the powerful shift into building a life you love (which includes growing your business.)

Why Breakthrough in Business?

The reason we created this 3-day experience is so that we can help you make a significant shift. In order to breakthrough, you have to realize that your results (your income level, the level of success you’re experiencing, your relationships and your level of meaning and fulfillment) aren’t actually a result of how hard you work or what you do. Truthfully, no amount of hustle and grind will bring you what you want w/o a powerful shift occurring.

Instead, your results are based on your mindset – your psychology of success, your beliefs, your fears, your self-image, your behaviors, your habits and actions, as well as how big you’re willing to play. Your mindset is what really creates your results, or lack thereof.

So, to shift your mindset, you be walked step-by-step through the Breakthrough Blueprint™ over 3 full days so that you experience a profound shift in how you approach everything in life. It allows you to get out of your own way and dramatically increase your results, very quickly (and yes, increasing your income is a big part of it).

This life-changing event will help you get more clients, make a LOT more money, while working much LESS (enjoying every moment)!


It’s our thanks to you for being our client!

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